A Good Friend: How to Make One, How to Be One

A guide for youth on how to build better, stronger, and more fulfilling friendships

Author: Ron Herron
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Everybody needs friends, but not everyone reaches their full “friendship potential”. If you feel tongue-tied in a group, struggle with shyness, or have ever made a mistake that cost you a friend, you’re not alone. Being able to make and keep good friends is so important to our happiness and even our success in life that improving our friendship skills is a must. That’s where this book can help you! Inside you’ll find a blueprint for building friendships: treating others with respect and kindness, having a sense of humor, listening to and looking out for one another, and more.

Getting started is as basic as knowing how to begin and carry on a conversation, and you’ll find plenty of suggestions on how to improve these skills and make a good first impression. A Good Friend gives you ten tips on getting along with others, plus a set of people skills that you can use in all kinds of social situations. Also included is a list of behaviors you’ll want to avoid so you don’t jeopardize or damage your friendships. Finally, if you are so shy you actually avoid people, this book offers some simple, concrete steps you can take to overcome your fear. Success in making new friends can be a tremendous source of confidence and courage. 84 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-19-3