Best Me I Can Be! Series (RJ)

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold winner from Julia Cook!

The main character in all seven storybooks is RJ, a friendly, yet flawed, young boy who struggles to use his social skills in the classroom and at home. Popular with children and adults, this series is enhanced by teacher activity guides, each filled with classroom-friendly lessons to reinforce the skills featured in each story. There are skill posters and audio editions, too. Plus, the entire series can be purchased as a complete package! Great for libraries and elementary schools. 

BEST Me I Can Be! is ideal for teaching young readers essential social skills, including how to follow instructions, accept ‘no’ for an answer, disagree appropriately, ask permission, make an apology, work with others, ask for help, give compliments, accept feedback and more! 

Best Me I can Be Book Series by Julia Cook

55-032 I Can't Believe You SAID That! My Story about Using My Social Filter...or Not! by Julia Cook   55-025 THANKS for the FEEDBACK...(I think?) My story about Accepting Criticism and Compliments the Right Way! by Julia Cook - Best Me I Can Be Series   55-020 I Just Want to Do It My Way! My Story about Staying on Task and Asking for Help! By Julia Cook - Best Me I Can Be Series   55-016 TEAMWORK Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to SHARE! by Julia Cook - Best Me I Can Be Series 

55-011 Sorry I Forgot to Ask by Julia Cook    I Just Don't Like the Sound of No - Julia Cook    The Worst Day of My Life Ever - Julia Cook

About Julia Cook

Julia Cook is a former school counselor and teacher who has evolved into a national award-winning children's author, international parenting expert, and inspirational speaker. She travels the country and abroad discussing her stories, encouraging children to laugh while learning to solve their own problems. Cook's research-based books have been referenced in such publications as Parent's Magazine, The New Yorker, The Chicago Tribune,, Military Spouse,,, and

With approximately two million books in print, she has received the Association for Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, and her books have been honored by The National Parenting Center, Teacher's Choice Awards, and Mom's Choice Awards. Julia is a proud mother and grandmother.

Julia Cook books have been compared to those of Dr. Seuss! She has a keen ability to write from the perspective of a child, while teaching life skills that children need to be successful.

With lively and memorable characters such as RJ, Noodle, Cora June, and Decibella, some of Julia's best-known series are listed below!

Other Book Series by Julia Cook

Responsible ME! - This series centers around Noodle, a kid who's good at finding trouble, procrastinating and blaming others. Although Noodle often makes poor choices, he eventually learns how to take responsibility for his actions by learning essential social skills and following the advice of his forgiving family and a caring teacher.

Communicate with Confidence - Words of wisdom for loudmouths and bigmouths! These storybooks teach young readers everything from knowing how to be respectful of users of social networking sites to understanding what volume of voice is appropriate in the classroom, on the playground and all the places in between. 

Building Relationships - This series helps children develop healthy relationships with peers, parents, and teachers. 

The Leader I'll Be - This series focuses on helping children develop positive leadership skills. Title include The Great Compromise and It's My Way or the Highway: Turning Bossy into Flexible and Assertive.