Bundle of 3 DVDs: ASL Elementary Child Signer & Educational Interpreting Classroom Practice (DVDs 3, 5 & 9)



Bundle and SAVE by purchasing this 3-DVD Set!

The set includes three DVDs (3, 5, and 9) that are part of a series of EIPA® Elementary DVDs produced by the Boys Town National Research Hospital. Two DVDs enable interpreters to practice interpreting into sign language the spoken teacher-student dialogue from a typical elementary classroom while one DVD allows an interpreter to interpret ASL sign language (student discourse) to spoken English. Each DVD is an authentic resource that will complement the professional development plans for interpreters of all skill levels. DVD set contains the following:

  • One DVD featuring an Elementary ASL student being interviewed.  The DVD capitalizes on the use of actual student stories and provides interpreters numerous opportunities to enhance their skills.
  • Two DVD’s featuring actual elementary classrooms. The lessons may be viewed with, or without, a model interpretation.
  • Elementary Classroom Sets include a DVD with Open Captioning.
  • Each includes a CD containing PDF files of classroom material study guides and transcripts.

Each Individual DVD sells for $50.00. Save $35.00 when purchasing the bundle!

Produced by the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA®) Diagnostic Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital in collaboration with Brenda Schick, Ph.D. Media contributions from Treehouse.

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