Butterflies in Me

An Anthology Featuring Children from Diverse Backgrounds and Bringing Awareness to Mental Health

Author: Denisha Seals
Illustrator: Gabhor Utomo
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Powerful, inspiring stories of perseverance and hope for children who feel alienated, out of place or overwhelmed. 

Each of the four stories in this collection centers around an emotionally vulnerable child. There is 7-yeard old Kenya, who struggles with anxiety. Permanently scarred from an accident, the stares and sneers she endures shatters her self-worth. There is Lulu, who falls into depression following the death of her beloved Grandmother. Will she ever be happy again? Abbas is a new arrival to America. Adjusting to school proves difficult because he can't concentrate or sit still. He wonders if he's just a "bad" boy. And then there is Javier, the captain of the soccer team. At school, he's a star. At home, he's a punching bag. 

With guidance, support and love from caring adults, each child finds their voice and turns their troubles into triumphs. Each story is appropriately addressed and culturally relevant to the diverse characters' challenges. These works honor and celebrate the resiliency of Immigrant, African, African American, Indigenous, Latino, and other children. Through their journeys, they realize three simple truths: They are special. They are strong. They did nothing wrong. 

Written for children in grades K through 8, Butterflies In Me is from the pen of Denisha Seals. An up-and-coming artist and filmmaker. Denisha is an abuse survivor whose stories honor and celebrate the resiliency of marginalized children. 51 pgs.

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About the Author

DENISHA SEALS is an artist, filmmaker and author who uses the power of her pen to lift the voices of the marginalized and victimized. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, she advocates for more awareness and understanding of the emotional toll abuse victims experience, particularly children of color. Her uplifting stories inspire readers to be strong, fearless and full of hope. Follow her at

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-83-9

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