Common Sense Parenting Audio Book

Ray Burke, PhD, Ron Herron, Bridget A. Barnes, MS
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Learn to approach discipline as positive teaching rather than punishment of your children! Encouraging children by recognizing what they do right and teaching before problems occur are as important as correcting negative behavior. This audio book helps parents of children ages six to sixteen facing a myriad of family challenges. It provides you with a menu of proven parenting techniques that build good family relationships, prevent and correct misbehavior, use consequences to improve behavior, teach self-control, and help you and your child stay calm in emotionally intense situations.You'll also learn how to help children solve problems and make good decisions, reach goals by using charts and contracts, and practice new social skills.

As each new parenting technique is introduced, the authors explain each step, provide many clear examples, and give you an action plan for implementing it in your home. This third edition offers new advice on setting reasonable expectations for children, creating predictable routines and special family traditions that help children feel secure, and putting together a parenting plan using all of the parenting skills described in the book, Common Sense Parenting®, 3rd Edition. Five Compact Discs Abridged Edition

Running Time: 5 hours, 27 minutes

Produced by Boys Town Press

ISBN 978-1-934490-08-2

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