Common Sense Parenting: Preventing Problem Behavior DVD

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Teach your kids to get along with others by learning important social skills they can use at home, at school and in the greater community. Kids can avoid problems by practicing better ways to handle difficult or unfamiliar situations. Many misbehaviors can be prevented or reduced by teaching children the behaviors you want them to use instead. On this DVD you'll see the Common Sense Parenting® technique of Preventive Teaching, showing children what they need to do and say in a future situation and practicing it in advance. Often, what you need to teach a child is an appropriate social skill - how to follow instructions, how to accept "no" for an answer, how to share - to replace the problem behavior. The key to preventing problems is teaching before a potential problem situation occurs, when both you and your child are calm. Preparing children by helping them learn social and life skills not only helps prevent disruptive behavior, but can also save them from experiencing awkward, embarrassing, or even dangerous situations.

This DVD can supplement the Common Sense Parenting® course with additional examples of preventive teaching, or stand alone as a guide for parents of kids to teach social skills. Commentary with advice from Common Sense Parenting® experts at Boys Town is supplied throughout the video between dramatizations. Showing the DVDs in this series is a good choice for Family Night at school, in waiting rooms where families are served, or as part of any parenting class. Public performance rights are included. 28 minutes

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Produced by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-92-6

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