Correcting Misbehavior DVD



Make home life less stressful and more harmonious. Stop yelling, issuing threats, or even giving up when kids test limits. Learn to stay calm, stop the negative behavior, deliver a consequence, and teach an alternate positive behavior. Using strategies from the Common Sense Parenting® program parents learn how any misbehavior can be an opportunity to teach a new, positive behavior. Parents can use praise, attention, rewards and privileges as positive consequences of good behavior and loss of privileges or extra chores as negative consequences for undesirable behavior.

This DVD can supplement the Common Sense Parenting® course with additional examples of corrective teaching or stand alone as a guide for parents who want to help children ages 6-16 change their behavior for the better. Commentary with advice from Common Sense Parenting® experts at Boys Town is supplied throughout the video between dramatizations. Showing the DVDs in this series is a good choice for Family Night at school, in waiting rooms where families are served, or as part of any parenting class. Public performance rights are included.

Also available:

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  • Teaching Children Self Control Vol 2
  • Preventing Problem Behavior Vol 3
  • Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions Vol 5
  • Helping Kids Succeed in School Vol 6

Purchase the entire 6-DVD set and save $25!

Published by Boys Town Press

Duration: 30 minutes

Format: DVD

ISBN: 978-1-889322-93-3

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