Cyber Bullying: Real Life Teens DVD



Cyber bullying is any form of harassment that occurs via the internet. Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, mean or cruel email messages, and posting fake profiles on websites are all examples of bullying. While cyber bullying mainly takes place online, other high tech methods such as threatening text messages and taunting voicemail also fall under this category. Subjects covered include

  • why do teens cyber bully
  • what can be done about cyber bullies
  • how can cyber bullies be stopped
  • dealing with forum and chat room bulling
  • where to turn to if you or a friend is being cyber bullied
  • the consequences of cyber bullying
  • dealing with website bullying
  • the must do's and the not do's of the internet

This program is designed for use with a general high school audience, grades 8-12. Instructions on how to download a subject-specific teacher's guide, which can help prompt additional discussion, are available within the package. DVD 18 min.

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