Dangerous Kids

Michael Sterba, M.H.D. and Jerry Davis, Ph.D
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This guidebook outlines Boys Town's approach to helping caregivers in diverse settings - foster and group homes, mental health centers, and schools - work with aggressive and violent youth whose anti-social and destructive behaviors are often a threat to themselves and others. In these pages, you'll learn how to use strategies such as cool-down time, positive correction, reality statements, aggression logs, and other techniques to help children regain self-control. Discover how to help a youth stop aggressive behavior, calm down, anticipate and prevent future problems. Several chapters show you how to analyze behavior, understand what triggers aggression in a particular child, and how to integrate social skill instruction and self-control strategies into a treatment plan. Sample treatment plans for both reactive and proactive aggressive youth are offered. The book features guidelines related to 15 youth rights and an appendix that lists social skills appropriate for different kinds of aggressive behavior. 148 pgs.

Reviews: "Dangerous Kids gave us more information and help than we have received in a long time. It described a foster child we have in our home, and it was a relief to know that maybe there is help for this child. I am going to order two of these books and give one to the agency therapist we have for our child. Thank you again for all the useful information and even more for helping us to understand our child." ~Debra Duguay

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-889322-31-5

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Michael Sterba, M.H.D. and Jerry Davis, Ph.D
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