Dealing with Your Kids' 7 Biggest Troubles

Father Val Peter
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Between these covers Boys Town Executive Director Emeritus Val J. Peter reflects on the destructive impulses that threaten the emotional, physical, and spiritual life of youth and families. Father Peter identifies and describes seven scourges that tempt adolescents with instant relief and gratification - but which ultimately consume them with feelings of self-destruction and despair: lying, cheating, stealing, sexual acting out, drugs and alcohol, suicide, and violence.

This thought-provoking guide, filled with practical advice, insight, and cautionary tales, will motivate you to have an open dialog with your sons and daughters. Share the lessons with other families to help them overcome these temptations. With a message that both enlightens and empowers, this book reminds all parents to be "...the light at the end of the tunnel for their kids." 102 pgs.

ISBN: 978-0-938510-97-0

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Father Val Peter
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