Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice

Julia Cook
Anita DuFalla
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  • Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice


If you are encouraging social emotional learning in your classroom, the story of Decibella will speak volumes to your students, especially those who need precise examples to follow for using appropriate behavior. Isabella is a spirited girl who enjoys shouting out her thoughts, ideas and feelings. In fact, she loves using her loud voice so much; it’s earned her the nickname “Decibella!” Young readers will be entertained as they see how Isabella learns the “five volumes” of voice and discovers that different situations require a different tone.

Award-winning author Julia Cook uses a fun, yet educational, style to show kids how and when to use their five voices – whisper, 6-inch, table-talk, strong speaker and outside. This is the latest addition to her Communicate with Confidence series, which emphasizes skills to help young children be better communicators. 32 pages

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-58-7

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