Elementary or Special Ed Social Skills Poster Set (Spanish)


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Posters include these 16 skills:

  • para recibir un elogio (accepting a compliment)
  • para ofrecer ayuda (offering to help)
  • para presentarte (introducing yourself)
  • para informarle algo al maestro (reporting to the teacher)
  • para decir "no" (saying "no")
  • para pedir disculpas (making an apology)
  • para dar un elogio (giving a compliment)
  • al hablar con otros (talking with others)
  • para que la maestra te preste atencion (getting the teacher's attention)
  • para pedir algo (asking for what you want)
  • para hacer una critica (giving criticism)
  • para mostrar desacuerdo (disagreeing)
  • para sequir instrucciones (following instructions)
  • para aceptar una critica (accepting criticism)
  • al saludar (greeting others)
  • para aceptar un "no" (accepting "no")

Produced by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-25-3

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