Get to know the author of Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts: Billie Pavicic


Tell us about yourself!
I worked as an elementary school counselor for eight years before staying home with my children. I’ve always enjoyed writing, art, and being creative. I love spooky stories and anything strange and unusual.

What was your inspiration for writing Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts?
As a child, I loved books that took me to a different world or were filled with unexpected surprises. I wanted to write a story that taught life lessons but captured the whimsy and wonderment in everyday life.

What can you tell us about Parker and his rotten egg thoughts?
Parker Plum is a fairly typical fourth grade boy with a big imagination and a healthy dose of curiosity. This combination allows him to believe in and appreciate all things peculiar. Parker’s rotten egg thoughts stem from everyday disappointments such as not getting his way, being late to school, and encountering an unexpected change in his routine. Parker’s challenge is to manage those disappointments in a way that doesn’t allow his rotten egg thoughts to take over.

If you could pull one lesson from this book to teach in the classroom, what would you teach?
One lesson that I would like to convey to students is that learning to cope with big or small disappointments in a positive way can mean the difference between success or failure. A child who can see past a bad day or a bad situation and keep going will be more successful than the child who gives up and allows negative situations to overwhelm them.

How do you think your experiences both as a parent and a school counselor help you in writing Parker?
As a school counselor I saw how fostering resilience in children leads to future success. As a parent, I’ve seen my kids respond positively when I help them brainstorm a problem or see things from a different perspective. I wanted to create a resource that taught coping skills in a humorous and relatable way.

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