Getting Along with Others with Teacher's License for Copying

Teach children social skills with behavior charts using a step-by-step method and reward their positive behaviors.
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Use the 30 behavior charts in this activity book to improve your child's behavior and strengthen positive relationships with others. Kids from Pre-K through 6th grade learn acceptable behavior for getting along with parents, peers and others by practicing and mastering one skill at a time using a step-by-step method.

Charts and Tips to Help You Teach Social Skills to Children and Reward Their Good Behavior Skills on the charts include:  

    • Listening to Others
    • Showing You Care
    • Following Instructions
    • Controlling Your Anger
    • Accepting "No"
    • Correcting Mistakes
    • Interrupting in a Nice Way
    • Saying Something Nice
    • Telling the Truth
    • Saying You're Sorry
    • Offering to Help Someone

The activities in this book are so popular with teachers, we now offer a Teacher's License to Copy. When you order the book and license, you have permission to reproduce the lessons as often as you need to for classroom instruction.

Published by Boys Town Press

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