I Just Want to Do It MY WAY! Book with Audio CD

Join RJ as he learns about staying on task and asking for help!
Julia Cook
Kelsey De Weerd
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Children in grades K-6 can read along and listen to author Julia Cook read RJ’s social skill story about staying on task and asking for help. One track on the CD features the text only while a second track includes cues on when to turn the page for beginning readers or English Language Learners. Families can practice reading together while being entertained and learning valuable social skills for home and school. RJ’s way of doing things isn’t working out for him, especially in math class. His teacher is upset because so many of his assignments are missing or incomplete. RJ blames Norma “the booger picker” and Rodney “the alphabet burper” for distracting him during class.

With support from his mom and dad, RJ learns how to ask for help and stay on task. By learning how to do things the right way the first time, RJ discovers he no longer has to do his work over and over and over again. This book is the fifth in Julia Cook’s BEST ME I Can Be! series which teaches children in grades K-6 social skills that can make home life happier and school more successful. The skills are part of the Boys Town Education Model that has improved student behavior and classroom climates in hundreds of schools across the country. Includes an Audio CD; 32 pgs.

Extend the learning with the Activity Guide

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-44-0

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