Journey of Hope Reader

Clifford Stevens
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Biblical Prophets such as Ezekiel and Jeremiah witnessed evil, apathy, and stubborn willfulness in the lives of Old Testament people. These Prophets were moved by God to issue dire warnings to the people of what would be the consequences of their sinfulness and unwillingness to repent. These same Prophets also carried incredible messages of hope and restoration - that God's love and mercy are constant for those who return to the right path. Today we face some of the same evil and apathy that plagued Old Testament people.

The Journey of Hope Reader can help you learn how to best handle the sin, temptations, and hardships you face by applying these Prophetic warnings and messages of hope to your own lives. The Journey of Hope Reader also features fables, poems, and real-life stories of inspirational people 

Co-authored by Fr. Val Peter

ISBN-13: 978-1-889322-46-9

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Clifford Stevens
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