Jumping Into Kindergarten

An Engaging Story Teaching Key Skills For Incoming Kindergarteners

Authors: Julia Cook and Laura A. Jana
Illustrator: James Newman Gray
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Starting kindergarten represents a major milestone in the lives of young children (and their parents!). It is an important step into the unknown that while exciting can also be the cause of nervous anticipation for everyone involved. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be scary! Today’s technology-driven world is complex and changing rapidly. As it does, the expectations of what our children need to know when they enter kindergarten have changed as well. There is growing anxiety around how to define and instill a new and improved set of school-readiness skills that will best help them to succeed.

In this fun, creative story from bestselling authors Julia Cook and Laura A. Jana, parents and Educators can more clearly understand the important connection that exists between everyday behaviors and the foundational development of valuable, 21st century life-skills during early childhood. This book also includes creative, practical tips to implement these skills in the home and classroom. 32 pgs.

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