Mental Health, Emotions

Mental Health, Emotions

According to the CDC poor mental health can result in serious negative outcomes for the health and development of adolescents. In addition to increased odds of risky sexual behavior, illicit substance use, adolescent pregnancy, school absences/dropout, and other delinquent behaviors, there is greater prevalence of sadness, depression, self-harm, and even suicide. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2017). Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data. Available at:

Emotional regulation is a challenge for many. These books and resources address emotional management and mental health needs and coping strategies, and include children's books, teen workbooks, resources for counselors, SLPs, and youth-serving professionals, as well as activities and books for educators. Resources are for those living or working with children, and the target audiences range in age from Pre-K through teens. 

Be sure to pay attention to subcategories supporting resources on autism and ADHD; anxiety, worry and stress; depression and sadness, among others.

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