Mindset Matters: A Counseling Curriculum

Lisa King, EdS, LPC


Infusing the "Growth Mindset" theory into your counseling program can help your students increase achievement through greater self-esteem. Apply these research-based lessons in your classroom curriculum and/or small group counseling by teaching:

  • Mindfulness
  • Identify Brain Basics
  • Not Yet is OK
  • Determination/Grit 
  • Self-Talk
  • Everyone is Unique
  • Teach Others What You Know

Counselors , teachers, and students will enjoy these innovative and easy-to-implement lessons. The lessons in this book will provide your students with a foundation of brain science, the magic of grit, and the benefits of learning, which will help them see the positive outcomes of having a growth mindset. 168 pages

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Lisa King, EdS, LPC
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