Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts

This video helps kids identify Harassment - when someone or a group of people target someone else - and what can be done to stop it.

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Rumors, gossip, taunting, teasing and bullying are all forms of harassment. Harassment is when someone or a group of people target someone else with the goal of making them feel bad. Teasing and taunting might get you angry, but there are healthy ways to deal with it and how it makes us feel. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore it. You can avoid people who say mean things. If you see others being bullied and picked on, you should say something to stop it. Helping the person being picked on will help you feel good about yourself, too. At the end of this program students will learn the following: 

    • Rumors, gossip, teasing and taunting are all forms of harassment
    • Rumors and gossip don't just hurt the person talked about but also hurt those who do the talking
    • Try to steer clear of people who spread rumors and gossip
    • One of the best ways to deal with teasing and taunting is to ignore it
    • Speak up. Don't stand by when you see bullying happen

DVD 15 minutes

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