School Social Skills and Procedures Poster Set (with Wall Cling back)



This set of 20 full-color posters illustrates school social skills and procedures in action for elementary-age students. These big 17" by 21 1/2" posters can be posted around the school or in classrooms as reminders of appropriate school behavior.

The posters feature hallway and cafeteria procedures and these 17 social skills: following instructions, staying on task, getting the teacher's attention, asking permission, working with others, asking for help, disagreeing appropriately, accepting "no" for an answer, making an apology, accepting criticism, having a conversation, greeting others, accepting compliments, sharing something, listening, using an appropriate voice tone, and showing appreciation.

Teachers can use an additional "fill-in-the-blanks" poster in class meetings, problem-solving sessions, or role-plays to help students learn a new skill or procedure. 

Illustrated by Albert Luciano

Published by Boys Town Press


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