Staying Cool...When You're Steaming Mad



As teen anger simmers and erupts with increasing frequency in middle and high schools across the nation, Counselors ’ ability to help teens cope with and appropriately channel anger is more important than ever. Staying Cool … When You’re Steaming Mad is an anger-management curriculum designed for use with individuals, groups, or in classroom settings. The program’s 10 sessions guide you from group formation through an easy-to-follow, session-by-session exploration of anger topics to group closure.

Featured topics are:

Understanding Anger, Communicating Anger,  Expressing Anger,  Thinking About Anger,  Transforming Anger

This book also includes suggestions for identifying candidates and supplemental activities helpful to students who need more skill-based practice. If you have ever had to diffuse an angry client, witnessed the suspension of a student who took anger to the extreme, or known a student whose bottled-up anger was waiting to explode, Staying Cool … When You’re Steaming Mad is for you. Grades 7-12. Softcover. 128 pages


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