Teaching Social Skills to Youth, 3rd Edition

An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Teaching 183 Basic to Complex Life Skills
Jeff Tierney, M.Ed., Erin Green, MS
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Teaching Social Skills to Youth is Boys Town's trademark manual, offering the step-by-step component behaviors to 183 skills. The skills range from basic to complex and have been updated to reflect the challenges today's youth face. This third edition still includes hallmark treatment examples, demonstrating how and when to teach the skills. New insights and information, based on the latest research findings, have been added.

Also added are details about multi-tiered approaches to social and emotional learning, and how skills relate to executive function. The appendices highlight what skills to include when you want to focus on social and emotional competency, executive function processes, behavior problems and problem situations. Included is a digital content link offering reproducible skill posters for instructional use. 312 pgs.

"More than three in four teachers (77 percent) believe teaching SEL will increase standardized test scores and overall academic performance." -The Missing Piece: A Report for CASEL (Civic Enterprises, 2016)

Recommended Lesson Plans and Activity Guides to accompany Teaching Social Skills to Youth:

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-70-9

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