Uniquely Normal: Tapping the Reservoir of Normalcy to Treat Autism

Robert J. Bernstein with Robin Cantor-Cooke
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  • Uniquely Normal


Growing up Robert J. Bernstein always knew his older brother was unique. Life with a brother on the autism spectrum taught him a lot, how to recognize moods, emotions, and behaviors in someone who doesn't think like him, and how to make a connection. Dr. Bernstein has worked with patients on the spectrum for over thirty years and has produced a cognition-based approach to work with people with autism on their terms, and allow them to lead.

This book will help you recognize that each person with ASD contains a "reservoir of normalcy" that he or she can tap into and that each person with ASD is different. You'll learn to create or seize opportunities that enable each ASD person's typical behaviors to emerge and develop. 402 pages


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