Urban Character Education Series (Willie Bohanon)

Rhymes, rap lyrics, mnemonic devices and graphic illustrations made this series a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold winner!

Each story is written in an attention-grabbing, comic-book style that tackles an issue that touches every child—bullying, negative peer pressure and selfishness. The series centers around Willie Bohanon and his diverse friends at Boemont Junior High. Despite personal challenges, these kids are determined to do their best and learn from their mistakes. Along the way, they find support and inspiration from their friendly school principal and a trusted guidance counselor.     

The Urban Character Education series is great for anyone who wants to help children understand the importance of working hard, having goals and being self-reliant. The downloadable activities and games  will engage kids and extend the learning.

Willie Bohanon Urban Character Education Book Series by Kip Jones

 The Power of a Positive No by Kip Jones Item #54-007   The Power of an Attitude of Gratitude by Kip Jones Item #54-005  The Power of Bystanders by Kip Jones Item #54-003  The Power of Self-D by Kip Jones Item #54-001  


Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from The Power of a Positive No below and check out Kip reading the book on our facebook page here.