Valuing Community Book Bundle for Children Ages 5 to 11

Four storybooks that teach young readers that to be part of a community, they should respect and value others.

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Teach young children to be valuable members of a community with these FOUR storybooks. These titles encourage kids to think of how their behaviors may be impacting others and what their role in the future could be. Several of the books offer advice on the importance of respecting and getting along with others and how a child's future occupation can contribute to the community they live and play in.   

The set includes:

  • Get Off My Lawn! - Children learn to look at a situation from another person's point of view.
  • Widgets Go Walking - The young characters in this story are introduced to many different skilled trades while being reminded there are no limitations to what they can do or become! (paperback version)
  • Isaac the Instigator - Isaac is an alligator who is jealous of his neighbors, so he likes to stir up trouble. Can he learn to be a better neighbor by offering friendship, trust, and forgiveness instead?
  • Everyone's Contributions Count - Encourage children to value the contributions of others.

Published by Boys Town Press


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