What's Right for Me? Making Good Choices in Relationships

Ron Herron
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What every teen should know about teasing, prejudice, dating violence, teen sex, bullies, sexual con artists, jealousy, envy, and what teens can do to make good choices in relationships. Teens can be threatened or tempted by many negative influences or people.

This book addresses many of them: jealousy, prejudice, teen sex, anger and aggression, teasing, sexual harassment, harmful or violent relationships. It discusses bullies, sexual con artists, and people who do not respect others' personal boundaries. Teens are taught how to identify and prepare for such situations and people, given strategies for handling them, and encouraged to seek the help of parents, teachers, or other adults when in difficulty, doubt, or crisis. What's Right for Me? enhances a youth's ability to empathize with others and to take responsibility for his or her own behavior and future success. For ages 13 and up. 160 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-21-6

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Ron Herron
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