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55-053 Herman Jiggle Go to Sleep by Julia Cook


Why is it that when bedtime arrives, THAT’S the time children’s curiosity seems to peak? Well, at least that’s the case with Herman Jiggle.

It’s bedtime, and as Mom helps Herman get ready, he has countless questions, like Why does the sun go away? Where does honey come from? Or, I have a best friend Charlie who can blow big bubbles. How do you make bubble gum?

Mom’s patience is on point as she masterfully guides Herman through his bedtime routine, embracing his curiosity while reminding him of what comes next. This sweet story is part of the Socially Skilled Kids picture book series told in Julia Cook’s classic style. Young children in grades K through 5 will enjoy learning along with Herman, and their parents and caretakers will be laughing and nodding the whole time!

When kids don't get enough sleep, they can become irritable, anxious, and even depressed. Over time, sleep deprivation can lead to the onset of behavior problems, an inability to control emotions, attention and learning difficulties, and even childhood obesity. Putting your child to bed at night and getting them to stay there can be a challenge. Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and caregivers to help ensure your children are getting adequate amounts of sleep.

Stress Stinks by Bryan Smith  

Amelia is feeling smothered by all her responsibilities. She has softball practice, tons of homework, icky chores and, to top it off, she wasn’t even invited to Samantha’s Friday night birthday bash blowout.

All her stress and negative thoughts produce a noticeable stench around her head… Amelia has stinking thinking! And it might be contagious because her friends have it too. Will Amelia’s mom come through with a surefire cure for those rotten thoughts, or will Amelia be stuck with the stink?

Making Friends is an Art by Julia Cook  

Multi-talented Brown is the luckiest pencil in the box!

In this fun, creative story, Brown learns that in order to make and keep friends, he needs to know how to be a good friend. And to be a good friend, Brown must find a way to share his many talents with others. At first, that seems hard to Brown. But he soon realizes that to be a good friend, all he has to do is be himself!

Making Friends Is an Art! is part of the popular Building Relationships series written by award-winning author Julia Cook. This is a wonderful story for teaching kids of all ages how to practice the true art of friendship and getting along with others. Educators, counselors and parents will love reading the second edition of this very popular story with children which features fewer words and more positive, empowering messaging. Brown and his friends learn to recognize their talents by being true to themselves.

Making Friends Is an Art! is the recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award. Tips for educators and parents are located at the end of the story to help further address the importance of being a good friend.


An infant who wails deep into the night, a toddler who keeps popping out of bed, a young child who procrastinates long past his bedtime - does your child's behavior give you nightmares? Many kids seem programmed from birth with bedtime behavior that frustrates and frazzles parents who have difficulty ignoring a baby's cry or who feel guilty enforcing an early curfew for a child they haven't seen all day. Yet getting sufficient sleep is critical for children's health and happiness.

With humor and empathy, child psychologist Dr. Patrick Friman outlines the problems related to bedtime for children from infancy through middle school and gives you advice and tips on how to handle them. In many cases, he provides several options so you can choose the approach you feel most comfortable with. His suggestions can help end those bedtime hassles and get you and your child the good night's sleep you both need! 


Discover how to address issues at school, at meals and bedtime, with siblings and peers, and out in public when you have a child with ADHD. Learn how to manage challenging behavior from the early years through adolescence to raise a future successful adult. When a child has been diagnosed with or shows the symptoms of ADHD, parents’ emotions can swing from sadness to frustration to anger on a daily, if not hourly, basis. The difficulties of parenting a hyperactive, disorganized, inattentive, forgetful, aggressive child may threaten to overwhelm them. When Dr. Frank E Bowers heard that same diagnosis for his own son years ago, he recognized that he himself had struggled with many of those symptoms throughout his childhood and adult life. He also decided that he needed to return to school to learn more about the disorder so that he could help not only his own son but other families with such children.

With a father’s insight and a clinician’s knowledge, Dr. Bowers examines the challenges a child with ADHD presents and offers parents workable, effective ways of handling the behavior problems. He reminds parents that, despite the diagnosis, children need to be held responsible for their actions and he suggests how to use positive discipline strategies to help them learn better behavior. The tools Dr. Bowers provides can empower parents to approach raising a child who has ADHD with renewed hope and confidence.