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Boone is a gosling, loving life on the water with his family. He feels safe and comfortable in his small corner of the pond, so why would he ever leave?

When Boone's mom and siblings swim off to the opposite shore, he doesn't follow. He has his reasons, like the water is too cold and deep, and the other shore is too muddy.

But when he sees his family having fun, he wonders what he's missing. Are they eating doughnuts, having a campfire, or will they see the elusive pond Yeti? Boone's curiosity soon grows bigger than his fears. He slowly paddles away from his safe space, taking readers on a journey that reveals why leaving your comfort zone can lead to exciting and unexpected places.


A Story About Learning to Listen Freddie the Fly likes to talk and talk. He's so busy buzzing about the latest gossip, he can't listen to anyone else.

Freddie doesn't realize how much of a chatterbox he is until he meets Mesquita. Her mile-a-minute mouth makes Freddie seem like a mute. Freddie the Fly: Motormouth is a humorous take on the problem of never opening your ears while always flapping your yap.

Appropriate for readers in pre-k to third-grade, this colorful storybook teaches kids how to control their conversations and be excited about listening to, and learning from, others.


In volume 4 of the popular Misadventures of Michael McMichaels series, Michael finds himself in hot water again… but this time, it’s all in the name of salvaging his status as Kenny’s best friend.

I’d rather stick my face in the garbage for an hour than have to deal with the mess I got myself into this time. It’s a Double-Dog Dare contest... and, it’s bad, REALLY bad. But I have to do it because if I don’t, it means I’m not really my buddy Kenny’s best friend.

When wealthy new student Zeke moves into the neighborhood, he threatens to steal away Michael’s best friend Kenny. Green with envy, Michael challenges Zeke to crazy double-dog dares just to prove he’s still top dog and Kenny’s best bro. But when harmless dares escalate into bad jokes that hurt others, Michael has to figure out how to make things right again… or if he even can.

Another side-splittingly hilarious adventure by Tony Penn will have students in grades 1-5 rolling with laughter, while learning life lessons about respect, open-mindedness and the value of true friendship. 


An infant who wails deep into the night, a toddler who keeps popping out of bed, a young child who procrastinates long past his bedtime - does your child's behavior give you nightmares? Many kids seem programmed from birth with bedtime behavior that frustrates and frazzles parents who have difficulty ignoring a baby's cry or who feel guilty enforcing an early curfew for a child they haven't seen all day. Yet getting sufficient sleep is critical for children's health and happiness.

With humor and empathy, child psychologist Dr. Patrick Friman outlines the problems related to bedtime for children from infancy through middle school and gives you advice and tips on how to handle them. In many cases, he provides several options so you can choose the approach you feel most comfortable with. His suggestions can help end those bedtime hassles and get you and your child the good night's sleep you both need! 


Discover how to address issues at school, at meals and bedtime, with siblings and peers, and out in public when you have a child with ADHD. Learn how to manage challenging behavior from the early years through adolescence to raise a future successful adult. When a child has been diagnosed with or shows the symptoms of ADHD, parents’ emotions can swing from sadness to frustration to anger on a daily, if not hourly, basis. The difficulties of parenting a hyperactive, disorganized, inattentive, forgetful, aggressive child may threaten to overwhelm them. When Dr. Frank E Bowers heard that same diagnosis for his own son years ago, he recognized that he himself had struggled with many of those symptoms throughout his childhood and adult life. He also decided that he needed to return to school to learn more about the disorder so that he could help not only his own son but other families with such children.

With a father’s insight and a clinician’s knowledge, Dr. Bowers examines the challenges a child with ADHD presents and offers parents workable, effective ways of handling the behavior problems. He reminds parents that, despite the diagnosis, children need to be held responsible for their actions and he suggests how to use positive discipline strategies to help them learn better behavior. The tools Dr. Bowers provides can empower parents to approach raising a child who has ADHD with renewed hope and confidence.