Fear: To Face or To Flee

Posted by Jeff Tucker, Boys Town Press Author and National Certified School Counselor on May 18th 2023

Most people don’t have positive associations with the word fear. This is completely understandable. Feeling scared to your core isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.While not necessarily enjoyable, t … read more

4 Tips for Supporting a Child with Depression

Posted by Jennifer Simpson, Boys Town Family Teacher on May 1st 2023

This article was originally shared on affects kids in a variety of ways and can be situational or a constant in their life.There are a few things parents can do to help keep depr … read more

Supporting Elementary Students with Separation Anxiety at School

Posted by Ashley Bartley, M.Ed., NCC, School Counselor and Boys Town Press Author on Mar 29th 2023

Today, more and more students seem to be experiencing separation anxiety. That’s not terribly surprising, however, given everything they’ve lived through in recent years. According to the&nb … read more

Flip Your Thoughts to the Happy, Golden Side

Posted by Jennifer Law, Boys Town Press Author on Mar 7th 2023

How many thoughts do you think you typically have in a single day? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe millions?Some days, it seems like I have a billion thoughts racing through my head. But I also … read more

Helped People Help People

Posted by Jeff Tucker, Boys Town Press Author and National Certified School Counselor on Feb 6th 2023

“Hurt people hurt people” is an adage that you’ve likely heard before. The notion behind this statement is something along the lines of, “Those who have experienced emotional pain and suffering m … read more

Your Child Disagrees with You… Now What?

Posted by Bryan Smith, Boys Town Press Author and Elementary School Counselor on Jan 20th 2023

If your children are anything like mine, you know that from time to time (and some days it definitely feels like ALL THE TIME), they are going to disagree with you. When that happens, how toleran … read more