The Road to Joy

Posted by Gina Prosch, Teacher and Boys Town Press Author on Nov 7th 2023

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”The first time I encountered this idea from Karl Barth was in a 20th Century Theology class I took while in college. I thought it sounded deep and profound, a … read more

​Empower Your Child: Four Key Skills Preparing for Middle School

Posted by Jen Kennedy, School Social Worker and Boys Town Press Author; Wendy Falk, Educator, Counselor, and Boys Town Press Author on Sep 12th 2023

Recently, a parent group for our local school district posted this question: “Starting the year in a new school. What can I do to get my kid ready?”What a great question! And it got us thinking, ther … read more

Be Careful What You Look For

Posted by Gina Prosch, Teacher and Boys Town Press Author on Aug 8th 2023

More than ten years ago, I embarked on an odyssey that, like all good odysseys, completely changed my life. Here’s what happened.It was August 2012, and I was moping around the house, convinced that … read more

Safety Rules for Kids Staying Home Alone

Posted by Boys Town Parenting on Jul 5th 2023

As summer progresses and schedules get busier, it might be more tempting to allow children to stay home alone. Waking the whole family for an early baseball or softball game of one family member ma … read more

How to Raise a Confident Child

Posted by Julia Cook, Boys Town Press Author and Former School Counselor on Jun 8th 2023

As a mom, I wanted to instill confidence in my three children, but I always feared that if they became overly confident, they would struggle. Confidence is an attribute that will serve a child … read more

Fear: To Face or To Flee

Posted by Jeff Tucker, Boys Town Press Author and National Certified School Counselor on May 18th 2023

Most people don’t have positive associations with the word fear. This is completely understandable. Feeling scared to your core isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.While not necessarily enjoyable, t … read more