Make Sleep Work for You

Posted by Jennifer Law, Boys Town Press Author on Jul 10th 2024

Sleep. Did you know getting the recommended amount of sleep can increase your attention span and memory? It can support your immune system and improve your health. It can lower your risk for health … read more

Considering Autism Through the Lens of Neurodiversity

Posted by Katia Fredriksen and Yael Rothman, Pediatric Neuropsychologists and Boys Town Press Authors on Apr 3rd 2024

When it comes to autism, many people think of the diagnosis in terms of perceived weaknesses. In fact, the diagnostic criteria for autism in the DSM-5 (a reference book used universally by health pr … read more

​You, Too, Can Fail for the Win!

Posted by Gina Prosch, Teacher and Boys Town Press Author on Mar 5th 2024

Fail? For the win?Who in their right mind would ever want to fail? And how can it be considered a win? Whether we like it or not (and trust me…we don’t like it!), somewhere along the road to adultho … read more

Today’s School Counselors: Not the Guidance Counselors of Yesterday

Posted by Jeff Tucker, Ph.D., Boys Town Press Author and National Certified School Counselor on Feb 2nd 2024

When you think of school counselors, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re anything like me, what comes to mind is getting your classes scheduled and receiving pamphlets about co … read more