Freddie and Friends: Becoming Unstuck

An empowering story about stopping fear and anxiety in their tracks.

A fearless fly and his loyal friends help young readers find their courage and release their self-doubt in the newest tale from our Freddie the Fly storybook series by Kim Delude.


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Betsy the Beetle has a constant companion, Murray. Unfortunately, he’s a notorious and pesky worry bug. He loves to whisper horrible “what ifs” into Betsy’s ear, making her worry about every little thing. Betsy gets so flustered and weighed down by Murray, she repeatedly falls flat on her back – stuck legs up – and has no idea how to get back on her feet. That’s why Betsy’s friends hatch a plan to get rid of Murray once and for all. Will it work? Will Betsy be able to kiss her worry bug goodbye forever?

This tale about trying to stop anxiety in its tracks is the latest addition to the Freddie the Fly book series.


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“I loved everything about this book! It is an adorable children's book that opens the discussion about anxiety and worries for children. The reader follows along with a character that has a worry bug causing them stress. The character learns that all people (children & adults alike) experience this emotion at some point, and the character then learns coping mechanisms to overcome their worry. I loved the additional discussion points and activities for adults to do with their children that was provided at the end of the book. You could also easily create a craft project with your little one to make their own "FLIP" keychain or bracelet. I thought the book did an excellent job covering this topic in a bright and fun way. The illustrations were brightly colored and beautiful. This will be one that I will recommend to several of my momma friends!”

— Amanda Harris, NetGalley