Manuscript Submission

Author submissions

To submit a manuscript for consideration by Boys Town Press, you may do so as follows:

1. Email your query letter (see below) and manuscript to: Include your last name_the title_Manuscript Submission in the subject line.

2. Alternatively, send the manuscript to:

Erin Green
Boys Town Press
Manuscript Submission
13603 Flanagan Blvd
Boys Town, NE 68010

Please include the following in your query letter:

  • Title and word count
  • Format of work (picture book, chapter book, activity guide,  etc.)
  • Who is your target audience (age range, etc.)?
  • Is this a stand-alone work or do you have a series in mind? If it’s a series, what other ideas are you considering?
  • What is your experience with this/these content area(s)?
  • What is your experience delivering presentations or other public speaking?
  • What ideas do you have to market the title?