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It’s an epic battle of wills between Cora June and Wilson, two stubborn classmates with opposing opinions about playground games, frozen popsicles, field trips, and food days. 

Can these rivals come to any kind of agreement, or can only one be the ultimate decider?

The Great Compromise is a lighthearted look at what it means to be a true leader who is willing to adapt, cooperate, and negotiate! 




"My five year old absolutely loved this book! It really resonated with him, because he argues with his little sister all the time. The Great Compromise teaches about how to work with others in a cute and fun way. Some of the language used was a little advanced, in my opinion. It is excellent for having a more in depth conversation with kids. This would be excellent in a classroom. It also contains tips for parents and educators at the very back, too, which I really liked."

-Cate Barr, NetGalley


Author Julia Cook talks about The Great Compromise