Under the Sea Lessons for Life: Teacher & Counselor Activity Guide

Introduce Skills for Learning and Life with Captivating Stories and Full-of-Fun Activities!

Author: Sara Kinsey
Illustrator: Brian Martin
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This standout activity guide can be used by educators, counselors, and parents to help elementary school-aged children develop the social and emotional skills they need for success in school, in relationships, and in life!

Inspired by the amazing marine life surrounding the Raja Ampat Reef in the western Pacific Ocean, this guide includes five entertaining short stories, written in rhyme and featuring lovable animals as the main characters. The animals include a dugong, a bottlenose dolphin, a blue-ringed octopus, a manta ray, and a hawksbill turtle. Each embodies and brings to life one of these  essential life skills: managing stress, using whole-body listening, resolving conflict, expressing empathy, and making friends.

The stories are supplemented by fun, engaging activities that further support skill development and academic growth. The activities allow kids to explore art, movement, science and technology, writing, math, music, coloring, and structured group discussion. The variety of options allows multiple ways for children to enhance their understanding of a skill while also growing academically.

All the activities can be individualized or modified to accommodate different needs, capabilities, and learning styles. In addition, they can be blended into existing academic lesson plans, assigned as homework, or used as stand-alone lessons. Some are specifically designed for collaboration and group work, while others can be done independently. For ease and convenience, every activity includes a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, and supporting documents, such as worksheets, answer keys, and handouts.

A special code inside the guide allows users to display or download a printable, full-color PDF student version of Under the Sea. All five stories, plus color photos and illustrations of the animals, trivia questions, and a helpful glossary are included. The code also allows users to display or download additional worksheets, answer keys, and handouts.    

Under the Sea, Lessons for Life is the first volume in what will be a two-volume series and is an ideal companion to the popular Basic Social Skills for Youth and Teaching Social Skills to Youth, Fourth Edition, both available from Boys Town Press.

Author Sara Kinsey, MEd, NCC, has a passion for educating, motivating, and inspiring children in creative and engaging ways. A dedicated school counselor, she believes all children deserve to feel safe, loved, and valued for who they are. Under the Sea, Lessons for Life is Sara’s first book.

Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 979-8-88907-019-1
138 pages
Softcover, 8"x10"
Grades K-5