Certain social situations can be tricky. Working collaboratively with people who don't share the same opinion as you, telling the truth in a kind way, calming down in the face of frustration, and meeting new people are all scenarios that can challenge even the most socially adept adults. For kids, experiencing social situations like these for the first time can range anywhere from intimidating to impossible.

The Boys Town Press titles for Spring 2020 are designed to tackle a number of these sticky social issues in ways that that will both educate and entertain kids. The dynamic list of titles features the first book in an exciting new series by veteran best-selling author Julia Cook, alongside debut efforts from new authors and the newest installments in fan-favorite series.

The stories address some important skills that teachers, counselors, and parents have told us they need. With topics like overcoming social anxiety, using calm-down strategies, and using a social filter, these entertaining yet educational tales will be a hit with children and their caring adults.

As always, each new title helps kids build concrete skills and includes valuable resources for parents and teachers.

Titles from the Boys Town Press Spring 2020 catalog (and their release dates) include:

I’ll NEVER Get All of That Done! by Bryan Smith; illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin (February 11, 2020). The latest installment in the Executive FUNction series follows baseball player Blake as he tries to juggle everything on his growing to-do list, when what he really wants to do is play video games. When he learns about prioritizing, planning, and posting what he needs to do, things become much more manageable.

Herman Jiggle, Say Hello by Julia Cook; illustrated by Michael Garland (February 18, 2020). The first book in an exciting new Socially Skilled Kids series from the award-winning author introduces Herman Jiggle, a painfully shy kiddo who needs a little help to relax and make new friends.

Parker Plum and the Intergalactic Space Detective by Billie Pavicic; illustrated by Madeline Timm (March 4, 2020). Parker Plum wishes he could be just like his favorite comic book hero, Max Mayhem, Intergalactic Space Detective! Unfortunately, when he plays detective, his curiosity gets the best of him and he starts snooping into things that are none of his business. In this latest installment of the beloved Parker Plum series, Parker learns that he doesn’t always need to know everything about everyone.

Everyone’s Contributions Count by Bryan Smith; illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin (March 17, 2020). Group projects can be hard, and young Amelia is positive that her ideas are the best until she starts to realize her attitude isn’t winning her any friends. Her caring teacher helps her understand that it’s important to recognize and value the contributions of others.

Freddie the Fly: Truth or Care? by Kimberly Delude; illustrated by Brian Martin (April 7, 2020). In the newest installment of this popular series, our friend Freddie learns the hard lesson that being brutally honest can sometimes hurt the feelings of friends and others. Will he learn how to balance telling the truth and being kind? 

Jan 6th 2020 Erin Green, Director, Boys Town Press

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