What are you waiting for?

It feels like we are waiting for a lot these days. Yet maybe “waiting” isn’t the right term. Maybe we aren’t waiting for the weekend or for the next paycheck or for summer. Maybe we are looking at it the wrong way. 

What if instead of waiting, we are living? There are still things going on as we wait for something. When we wait with kids, we try to get them to notice the moment—to sing a song, play a game, be active. Sometimes we try desperately to get them to think about something else. But, as adults when we wait for something, we ignore the moment and keep looking ahead. Think of all that we could be missing if we only focus on what is to come. We may be missing conversations with people around us or spending time with our loved ones. We may be missing the chance to recognize how much our kids have grown. We may be missing a moment for us to realize how much we really have and think about why we are grateful.

We are missing the scenery. It’s like traveling in a vehicle, but only looking down at the device in our hands. We are completely unaware of the scene just outside the window. We miss out on the colors of the sky, the shape of the clouds, the sound of what is going on around us. Although we are right at the center of life, sometimes we look past it and don’t even notice. We keep searching ahead for the next thing and then the next and the next. We forget the next moment is now and now and now. We forget what is hidden in the moment. It is where gratitude and love live. When we slow down and look at what is around us, we become open to finding joy. And joy gives us happiness to be where we are. When we discover gratitude, we won’t feel pressure to move on to the next thing. We will already be in an important moment. And isn’t that why we were waiting in the first place?

The year of 2020 feels different with many unknowns and many challenges. Yet there are still good things worth noticing. I encourage you to take in the scenery. Notice the moment and those you share it with. While you look ahead and move forward, take some time to pause. Notice where you are. It could very well be one of those moments for which you waited.

Not only do we feel happier when we notice life around us, we are teaching our children to notice the moment, as well. The scenery continues to change. Don’t miss it!

So, what are you noticing as you wait? 

Dec 21st 2020 Jennifer Law, Boys Town Press Author

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