Boundaries: A Guide for Teens

How to Build Relationships that Protect Your Personal Space and Respect Your Feelings

Authors: Father Val Peter and Tom Dowd
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This book invites teens to examine their lives and relationships. It begins by helping define what physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual boundaries are. Stories of other teens illustrate how personal space and feelings can be either respected or violated in relationships with others.

The book's journal format encourages teens to reflect on and record feelings about their own relationships by answering for themselves. Do people respect your boundaries? Has anyone ever made you feel uncomfortable in some way? Have you ever felt manipulated, intimidated, or mistreated by someone you regarded as a friend? How can you get a friendship that has gone wrong back on track? Use Boundaries: A Guide for Teens to help assess relationships with family, friends, and classmates. Learn how to build close and satisfying friendships while guarding against being used or abused by others. Learn what it takes to be a good friend in return. 113 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-90-2

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