Building Resiliency in Youth

A Trauma-Informed Guide for Working with Youth in Schools - contains definitions, strategies, research, and a plan for professional development

Author: Kat McGrady. ED.D., LCPC, NCC.
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Winner of the Counselor's Choice Award!

Our youth are growing up in unprecedented times. They have seen global tensions, a worldwide pandemic and upheaval to the safeties embedded in their daily lives, national friction and violence, social media and the impact of advanced technology, and ongoing conflict interweaving between these macro matters.

While trying to make sense of the world around them, our children and adolescents also often times face deeper and more individualized issues surrounding family, peer relations, community, and internal belief systems. The number of children and adolescents who have experienced mild to severe forms of trauma has risen exponentially. Parents, caretakers, educators, and professionals working to support youths must therefore be well-versed in trauma and resiliency. Building Resiliency in Youth: A Trauma-informed Guide for Working with Youth in Schools is an all-in-one tool.

Within these pages, you will find:

    • information to help you better understand trauma and its impact on children and adolescents
    • signs of trauma in children and adolescents
    • evidence-based practices, theories, and data on trauma and resiliency
    • strategies and techniques that touch on all wellness points and that can be individualized to match specific needs
    • a guide for successful trauma-informed professional growth and development
    • tips on how to avoid compassion fatigue

With an easy-to-follow format and a broad range of resources for further expansion of knowledge, this book will prove to be one of your frequent go to references.

Accompanying Activity Guides available:

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KAT MCGRADY, ED.D, LCPC, NCC, has experience as an educator, school counselor, and mental health therapist. Her dedication to child and adolescent well-being and to education is evident in her work to provide parents, youth-care professionals, and youth with individualized strategies and evidence-based practices in order to promote growth and success. Currently, Kat works in private practice as a therapist and parent coach. She also serves as an adjunct professor for the Johns Hopkins University Master's in Education program, as well as, a doctoral advisor for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. 


Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 978-1-944882-78-5
90 pages
Softcover, 8.5"x11"