Downloadable Activities: Diamond Rattle Loves to Tattle

Classroom Activities for Educators to Teach Students the Difference between a Report and a Tattle

Author: Ashley Bartley
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There are many reasons that children tattle. It’s developmentally appropriate in young children, and most will grow out of it as they mature. But for some, tattling becomes reinforcing, and they miss their chance to develop their own problem-solving skills. Use these activities in your classroom to help drive home the clever message for grades K through 5 from Ashley Bartley’s debut title of Diamond Rattle Loves to Tattle. Included are coloring sheets, a sorting game, discussion questions, and handouts to help teach problem-solving, mindfulness, self-reliance and how to identify strengths in ourselves and others.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Mindful Coloring with Opal Octopus
    • Personal Strengths Badges
    • Tattling and Reporting Sort
    • Diamond Strengths and Compliments
    • Lights, Camera, Taking Action on Small Problems

Diamond Rattle Loves to Tattle is recommended for these classroom activities.

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