Downloadable Activities: Freddie the Fly - Truth or Care

Five Activities to Teach Students How to Balance Truth with Care When Speaking to Others

Author: Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP
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It's not unusual for children to speak before they think about what they're going to say. Over time, they develop the ability to distinguish what they should say and what should be left unsaid. The first step in teaching children this skill is showing them how their words can hurt others - whether they mean to or not. These activities can help kids learn how to pause, think about how what they may say can affect others, and choose whether to make a caring statement or say nothing at all. Included are worksheets and discussion questions to help reinforce the message from the storybook Freddie the Fly: Truth or Care for students in grades K through 5.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Make Your Own Truth or Care Badge - Students will challenge themselves to put care into their responses by creating their own badge. Students can tape badges to their desks or wear them as a reminder to think about others’ feelings when they respond.
    • Activity 2 - Feelings Sort - Words have the power to hurt or uplift. Sometimes people say things without thinking about how it will affect others. Use this activity to help students see how they would feel if someone responded
      without care.
    • Activity 3 - Fact vs. Opinion - Learning the difference between fact and opinions is hard for many kids who view many things as black and white. They feel that their thoughts are truths and are believed by everyone. It’s important for them to learn that not everyone will feel the same way they do.
    • Activity 4 - Turning Opinions into CARE - When people ask for our opinions it’s important to think about their feelings when we respond. You can be truthful without being rude. This activity lets students practice matching an “opinion” or “rude comment” response with a more thoughtful “care” that could be said instead.
    • Activity 5 - Flush or Say - Being able to identify which responses to “flush” is hard for many people. This activity allows students to practice pausing to analyze a response before they speak, as well as practice coming up with a more positive alternative.

Freddie the Fly: Truth or Care is part of the popular Freddie the Fly book series and is recommended for these classroom activities.

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