Downloadable Activity Guide: Middle Ground, The Adventures of Jeff and Reed

This Downloadable Activity Guide has thirteen activities that help students explore time management, making new friendships, and problem solving.

Author: Jen Kennedy and Wendy Falk
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Includes 10 activities that complement lessons learned in Middle Ground, the final story in The Adventures of Jeff and Reed Anthology. Each activity follows the GANAG lesson structure:

Goal (Share the lesson goal/objective.)
Access prior knowledge (Access students’ existing knowledge and awareness.)
New information (Share new information or skills, then students clarify and practice.)
Application (Students apply what was learned.)
Generalize the goal (Make connections back to the goal, reinforce students’ effort, and provide feedback.)

  • Lesson One- Making it Work: Discover ways to stay organized and strategies for different learning styles.
  • Lesson Two- Time for What?!: Explore concept of time management and practice using time management skills. Video and handout included.
  • Lesson Three- Initiating Friendships: Practice initiating conversations that can help build new friendships. Handout and support material included.
  • Lesson Four- Problem Solving: Students will identify, explain, and model problem-solving in a variety of situations.
  • Lesson Five- On My Own: Begin to explore the concept of self-reliance and ways to practice it in everyday life. Handout and Poster included.
  • Lesson Six- Goal Setting: Define “goal setting” and learn how to utilize the SMART Goal Method. Handout included.
  • Lesson Seven- Letter Writing: Learn about the five main parts of a letter (Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, and Signature) and practice the skill.
  • Lesson Eight- Scientific Method: Utilize and apply the steps of the scientific method as it relates to a worry they have about Middle School. Worksheet included.
  • Lesson Nine- Cultivating Culture: Students will define and create a positive and equitable culture in their classroom.
  • Lesson Ten- Evolution of a Kid: Explore students’ passions and interests and discuss how they may change and evolve. Students will learn that they can harness their interests to support their goals. Worksheet included.

It is recommended that you read The Adventures of Jeff and Reed: A Four-Story Anthology before using these downloadable activities.

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