Downloadable Activity: What Could it Be? (I Can't Believe You SAID That!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Choosing Appropriate Words to Say"

Julia Cook


Students will relate their social filters to a common household item as they review how to choose appropriate words to say and learn the act of kindness. This classroom exercise accompanies the storybook from the BEST ME I Can Be! series I Can’t Believe You SAID That! written by Julia Cook. Extend the learning with I Can’t Believe You Said That! Activity Guide with more to choose from! 

This exercise is recommended for grades K–6. 

Materials needed:

    • I Can’t Believe You SAID That! storybook (recommended)
    • 1 dirty furnace filter
    • 1 clean furnace filter
    • Scissors
    • Towel
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, “Choosing Appropriate Words to Say” (provided as a PDF)

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Julia Cook
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