Downloadable Activity: What People are Saying About "_____" (THANKS for the FEEDBACK... I THINK!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skills of "Accepting Compliments" and "Accepting Feedback"

Author: Julia Cook
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This activity will allow students to research a product and read consumer comments and reviews based on their experience. Students will then evaluate the feedback given and decide if it is helpful or not. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate teaching around concepts such as consumerism, truth in advertising, and even supply and demand. The activity comes from Julia Cook's THANKS for the FEEDBACK... (I THINK!) Activity Guide in which is a supplement to her picture book from the BEST ME I Can Be! series THANKS for the FEEDBACK... (I THINK!)

This exercise is recommended for grades 4-6. The activity can also be amplified to use with older students in Middle School and High School.

Materials needed:

    • Internet access
    • "Consumer Feedback" worksheet (provided as a PDF)
    • Writing utensils

The Social Skill Poems "Accepting Compliments" and "Accepting Feedback" and reproducible reward coupons (in full color) are also included as a PDF when this activity is purchased. 

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Produced by Boys Town Press