Downloadable Learning Guide: SORRY, I Forgot to Ask!

Reinforce the Social Skills of "Asking for Permission" and "Making an Apology"

Author: Julia Cook
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It is easy for children to get excited and go full steam ahead - even when they shouldn't. Kids don't often think about consequences either, so there are times when they do something they shouldn't that could present some danger. Teaching children, and adults, the right time and right way to ask permission to borrow or do something is an important life skill that will help keep them, their belongings, and their relationships safe.

This downloadable learning guide is designed for Counselors, Youth-Care Professionals, Educators and Parents to work with young children one-on-one or in small groups to help reinforce the social skills of "Asking for Permission" and "Making an Apology." The discussion questions and activities allow children in grades Pre-K through 5th to put themselves in RJ's shoes after reading the storybook, SORRY, I Forgot to Ask!

The Learning Guide is divided into three sections:

    • Questions to ask your child (divided into age groups)
    • More things to do with your child
    • Additional worksheets and skill generalization

Before diving into the sections, read the picture book SORRY, I Forgot to Ask! with your child and/or children.

Produced by Boys Town Press