Freddie the Fly: Connecting the Dots

A Story About Learning to Read Social Cues and Communicate Effectively

Author: Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP
Illustrator: Brian Martin
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**Winner of the Counselor's Choice Award!**
**Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award!**

Freddie returns with quite the conundrum, and boy is he one frustrated fly! He keeps missing social cues, misunderstanding what people mean, and then finding himself in a mess. Like when the bus driver tells him, "Why don't you sing a little LOUDER?" and Freddie gets in trouble for doing exactly as he's told. He doesn't understand that people don't always say what they mean--and he just doesn't get that there is a lot more to communication than the words that people say.

Fortunately for our favorite fly, he has his dad and Principal Roachford available to teach him about connecting the communication dots, including voice tone, facial expressions and body language. But will Freddie remember to look for and connect all these dots when he’s buzzing about town on his own? Or will he find himself in the middle of more messy misunderstandings?

This is the second in Kimberly Delude's children's picture book series Freddie the Fly. Using the connect-the-dots method that Freddie learns can help young people navigate confusing social interactions, making it easier for them to interpret and understand what is really being said by teachers, friends, family, and others. Included at the end of the storybook are tips for parents and educators to help pre-K through grade 5 students understand the complex social skill of "Social Cues." 31 pgs.

Extend the learning with five downloadable activities!

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-25-9