I Just Want to Do It MY WAY! Activity Guide for Teachers

Classroom Lesson Plans, Activities and Ideas for Teaching the Social Skills of "Asking for Help" and "Staying on Task"

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
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Are you searching for creative ways to teach students the right time and way to ask for help? Would your students benefit from learning how to stay on task so they get their work done? In this activity guide, author Julia Cook offers fun activities and games to help you teach K through 6 students the social skills featured in her children’s book, I Just Want to Do It MY WAY!

More than 20 easy-to follow activities will help your students learn how and when to use the social skills of “Staying on Task” and “Asking for Help.” The activities range from individual quiet work, such as defining when, how, and whom to ask for help, to interactive physical activities that will grab students’ attention and have them up and out of their seats! Suggestions on how to blend some of the activities into academic lessons are also included.

Some of the activities include Ad Lib Fun, in which students use their own creativity (and the fun concept of ad libs) to identify and share when to ask for help; Class “Jam” Session Plus Peanut Butter, which involves group discussion and a fun demonstration of why we sometimes need to ask for help; and Did You Ever Ask?, in which students use their conversation skills to interview trusted adults and realize that even adults need to ask for help sometimes.

The book provides teacher instruction, lists of materials when needed, and activity sheets for use in class or as homework. The activity guide also includes a digital content link for access to reproducible handouts, worksheets, posters, answer keys, and praise/reward coupons (color and black-and-white versions) that can be used to recognize students who demonstrate the skills appropriately.

Use the ideas in this guide to help your students master the skills that RJ learns in I Just Want to Do It MY WAY! from the picture book series BEST ME I Can Be! These skills are promoted in Well-Managed Schools as part of the Boys Town Education Model®32 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-45-7