Positive Mindset Book Bundle for Children Ages 5 to 11

This book bundle of five storybooks shows kids that they can have a more positive day by changing their mindset!

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This special collection of FIVE books offers students strategies to change their mindset from negative to positive. As the characters in each story struggle with day-to-day challenges, they learn to flip their negative thoughts and be more positive. Adults in the stories support and encourage children by offering strategies to turn disappointments into opportunities to learn and grow. 

The set includes:

  • Mindset Matters - Amelia learns that failing doesn't make her a failure. If she can change her mindset, she can learn from her mistakes and find success.
  • The Garden in My Mind - From her caring teacher, Maci learns the importance of making positive choices by ignoring distractions so she can "grow a garden in her mind."
  • Finding the Flipside - Gabe learns that he needs to relax and flip his thoughts like a pancake so he can see what’s right instead of only seeing what’s wrong.
  • Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts - The egg Parker found on his pillow grows with every negative thought he has. Can he find a bright side to his day before the egg explodes?
  • My Day Is Ruined! - Braden lets disappointment ruin his mood and his day. If he learns to be a flexible thinker, he can adjust to unexpected problems that come up and find joy instead.

Published by Boys Town Press


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