But I Need Your Help Now!

A Humorous Story that Teaches Children How to Get an Adult's Attention and When It's okay to Interrupt

Author: Bryan Smith
Illustrator: Lisa M. Griffin
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Isaac is a second-grader who struggles with waiting his turn to be recognized by an adult. He’s a little impatient, and this can get him in trouble at school and in the world.

When a tough problem has him stuck, Isaac blurts out. With patience, Isaac’s mom guides him through the steps of getting somebody’s attention appropriately, helping him with the problem, and implementing interpersonal communication skills he will need for future situations. Isaac understands, but needs some practice!

Isaac’s adventures continue at the store, at home, and at school, where the adults are there to teach him even more skills like how to interrupt the right way!

Told in author Bryan Smith’s hallmark humorous style, follow Isaac as he learns how to wait his turn and to interrupt appropriately. This is the first book in the Stepping Up Social Skills series by the award-winning author, counselor, and dad. 

Help teach young children in grades K through 5 how to control their impulses and become more self-reliant by utilizing the tips included at the end of the story.

Extend the learning with Five Downloadable Activities! Help reinforce the steps taught from the story with a Poster!

The series also includes:

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Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 978-1-944882-59-4
Juvenile Fiction
Full Color Illustrations
31 pages
Softcover, 9"x9"
Grades K-5; Ages 5-11
Lexile Measure: 680L