Downloadable Activities: But I Need Your Help Now!

Teach Students How to Interrupt Appropriately

Author: Bryan Smith
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At some point, most people have become annoyed when someone interrupts them. For children, this might be because they are really young, too impulsive, or have just never been taught how to interrupt appropriately. Award-winning author and school counselor, Bryan Smith, has created five downloadable activities to go along with his storybook But I Need Your Help Now! Use these activities to help teach children in grades K through 5 how to respectfully interrupt and get an adult’s attention. Included are worksheets and discussion questions to help drive home the lesson from the storybook. 

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • How Does It Make You Feel?
    • How to Interrupt Appropriately 
    • Should I Interrupt?
    • Dude, That's Rude!
    • Now's Not the Time!

But I Need Your Help Now! is part of the Stepping Up Social Skills series and is recommended for these classroom activities.

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