Downloadable Activities: Mindset Matters

Four Activities to Teach Students Positive-Thinking Techniques

Author: Bryan Smith
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When children learn or try something new, they can easily get discouraged when things don't go as planned. They don't yet understand that mistakes and failure are parts of learning. Author and educator Bryan Smith has developed four excellent activities to accompany the Mindset Matters storybook. The worksheets are designed to remind children the steps to a "gonna-get-it-done" mindset through writing prompts, drawing, and discussion questions. 

Four Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - It's not IF but WHEN I am GONNA-GET-IT-DONE! - Students will write about a time they had to use a GONNA-GET-IT-DONE mindset to accomplish a goal.
    • Activity 2 - Help Please! - Students will practice taking a DOWN-IN–THE-DUMPS mindset and turning it into a GONNA-GET-IT-DONE mindset by writing how they would handle situations.
    • Activity 3 - Things I Can't Do...Yet! - Students will create four strategies to help them calm down when they start to feel like they may overreact.
    • Activity 4 - What Does It Take? - Students will determine how they will have a GONNA-GET-IT-DONE mindset in their own lives.

Mindset Matters is part of the Without Limits series and is recommended for these activities.

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