Downloadable Activities: Where's Rex?

Engaging Downloadable Activities that accompany the adorable storybook on friendship and teamwork.

Author & Illustrator: Michael Garland
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Use these engaging downloadable activities to reinforce the lessons taught in the storybook, Where’s Rex?
The activities are best suited for children ages 4-11. 

The Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – Friendship Tree Craft – Children will write the names of their friends or family on
    the leaves and decorate a tree. Then, the class will discuss the importance of treating friends with kindness and care. Tree outline provided.
  • Activity 2 – Problem Solving with SODAS and POP – Students will work together to create a solution to a problem
    using the SODAS or POP problem-solving methods. Prompts and charts provided for different grade levels. 
  • Activity 3 – Different Colored Dots – Children will use creative ways to find their fellow group mates,
    matched by color of the dot on their cheek or forehead (out of their view). They will then work together to find something they have in common.
  • Activity 4 – Musical Chairs with a Twist! – Children will work together to figure out how everyone
    can participate and WIN with musical chairs.
  • Activity 5 – Balloon Volleyball – Children will work in their teams to keep a balloon from hitting the
    floor while passing it back and forth over a string, rope, or net. 

The storybook Where's Rex? is recommended for these activities.

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